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Drew just finished shooting Jason Smith's 'Asphodel Fields'. Drew plays a young and naive soldier from the near future who not only has to battle his enemy soldiers, but also his inner demons in this thought provoking film.

Drew has wrapped up Dixie Times. Look for it to be released next year.

Towonda Kilpatrick, Creator of the new Television Drama 'Yellow Cry' has come back from New York with the great news that they will be moving forward with the project. Although not much can be said at this time, it seems to be a very promising opportunity for Drew! More to come soon!


Drew has wrapped up the new short 'Prisoners Of War' directed by Bart Johnson of SCAD. Alongside Shaun Lynch, Hayes Mercure, and other fine actors. Look for this title to be available soon at:


Drew will be filming the feature film 'FINAL STOP' starting in May. Drew has the lead role of David, a man struggling to survive in this psychological thriller! Check for updates at:


Drew has wrapped the filming of the short film "Needed". With Drew playing the lead role of Jim Harris who is a young teenager trying to deal with the hardships of seperated parents, an alcoholic father, and not to mention everyday life. The film is being produced by Southern Adventist University.

Drew just wrapped up filming the Pilot for "The Seekers." This was an interesting project to say the least, and he is preparing for episodes two through six. Update - Episode Two is in the can, and pre-production has started for EP03.

Drew has wrapped up the Pilot episode of the new comedy
"The Film Crew". Shot in the Gainesville, GA area. Scripts for episodes two and three are already in the works!
His character name is MATT and he will be accompanied by actors Shaun Lynch (Goob) and Sarah Gowder (Manny) in a three part lead ensemble.

Drew has finished filming the role of SIMON in "Redemption". A film that will explore what it is like to try to find yourself again after having to do the unthinkable!







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Film (Partial List):
Asphodel Fields (Purvis - Co-Lead) Jason Smith, dir.
Dixie Times (Joseph - Strong Supporting) Coosa Valley Productions
Prisoners Of War (Anderson - Lead Role) Bart Johnson, dir.
Needed (Jim - Lead Role) Southern Univ. Productions
Mourning Motives (Freddy - Lead Role) Sam Kessie, dir.
Redemption (Simon - Lead Role) Sharvari Marathe, dir.
Investigating Southern Haunts (Lead) Southlan-Films
I Am the Bluebird (Aaron - Supporting Role) Directed by Thomas Verrette
Coventry Rat "Short" (Nicholas Diferio - Lead Role) Directed by Brad Berger
The Curse of Emily (Father - Lead Role) Directed by Derek Johnson
One Way Out (Lead Role) Directed by Jim Taylor
In Your Face (Supporting Role) Directed by Tim Tommasino

Yellow Cry (Under Contract) 12:53 Productions
The Film Crew (Lead) Cook Productions, LTD.
The Seekers (Lead) Southlan-Films
Untitled Pilot (Lead) Kim Eason Productions
Southern Haunts (Guest Star) Turner South
The Haunting Of Tunnel Hill (Host) Directed by Kim Eason

Conflicts Available Upon Request

Theater (Partial List):
Gramercy Ghost (Lead Role) Historic Wink Theatre
Imaginary Invalid (Lead Role) Creative Arts Guild
Yankee Doodle (Lead Role) Creative Arts Guild
Trial of Goldilocks (Lead Role) Murray County High School

Training (Partial List):
Agentia - Acting 101 - DavidRodney Fraley
Ambiance - Acting Workshop - Tom Logan
Ambiance - Business of Show Business - Tom Logan
Ambiance - Acting Class TCAT - Debbie Shirley
Ambiance - Camera Technique - Don Raymond
Your Act - Scene Study - Della Cole
Your Act - Cold Read - Bob Harter
Creative Arts Guild - Improv - David Beck

Special Skills:
Tennis (Competition Level), Singing, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Paintball, Table Tennis, Golf, Running, Swimming, Hiking, Fishing, Biking, Slight-of-Hand, Typing, Computers, Writing, Graphic Design (Pro Level), Photography (Pro Level)



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